May 2011
Guncaster, Model M-1
Glo-Lure, Inc
Medford, WI
OK, I jumped the gun a little bit (no pun intended) with my “Lure Of The Month” for May, but this device has gotten a lot of attention for 3 years in a row at the Northwest Sportshow.  So much that my LOTM is actually a fishing rod…er…harpoon…er…well…a contraption.

Do you have a friend that is lazy, and maybe a little dangerous?  Someone who wants to draw attention to themselves, even if it means putting others at risk?  Does this same person like to fish?  Well, do I have the item for them!!

The one, the only…Guncaster!  It shoots baits, arrows, darts, harpoons and it only cost $17.95!

Why cast your lure when you can shoot it out over the water.  Then, the gun acts as your fishing rod; who needs those fancy steel rods that bend…you don’t need a wimpy rod that bends! 

Want more casting distance?  Well, swinging your gun forward while you cast will increase your distance (unless you hook yourself in the process).  Or, order the “super-power” rubber strands for only $1.25 each.

This device is recommended to be used “in crowded boats” or for “children” that still cannot cast well. 

Yes, the M-1 Guncaster was a real item and it was made only for a short time in the 1950s by Glo-Lure, Inc in Medford, WI.  Not many of these were manufactured or sold, probably because this gun could cause the reels of the day to create the biggest bird-nest in history or because the gun didn’t make a good fishing rod…or because it was just too dangerous.

Glo-Lure mainly made luminous lures, but this was also another device they sold for a very short time.  This Guncaster is quite the conversation piece and gets a lot of attention whether I have it in my home, tackle shows, or at parties (just kidding). 

Believe it or not, I have a personal memory with the Guncaster.  Many years ago (in 1985, I believe), I was canoeing with friends and one broke out a Guncaster.  He loaded up a beverage can and “PHHHFFFFFTTT!”, shot it to the next canoe.  I was amazed with how much power it had!  Soon he was shooting cans all over as everyone wanted to see it in action.  Well, that was fine until he caught his finger in it…and it misfired.  I ended up with a can nearly piercing my skull and he nearly lost his finger….

Do you still want to use one in a “crowded boat” or let the “children” use it??

Anyway, many years later I noticed a Guncaster for sale.  Wow, I couldn’t believe it…and I had to have it.  So, I purchased this device and it now rests in my collection.  Will it ever be fired?  Who knows….

Don’t confuse this with the cheap plastic imitation “hook shooter” from recent years.  The original had much more power and was made of Stainless Steel and Hardwood.  Proof that they don’t make things like they used to….