July 2015
Gopher State Bait Co
Le Sueur, MN

Most fisherman maintain that the choice of a lure color is critical, while others say it is not important.  Scientifically speaking, there is evidence to show that both points of view can be correct.  There is lots of evidence and study that show evidence that picking the appropriate lure color will, under certain conditions, improve your chances of catching fish.  However, science has also shown that in a few situations, the color is of limited value.
But, what about when using live bait?  Can we enhance the color of live bait?

Well, in the 1950s, Gopher State Bait Co had the answer.  Minnow dye or, as they call it, Min-O-Dye.  This kits contained 6 bright colors:  “Brilliant Red, Glitter Gold, Canary Yellow, Bright Orange, Shiny Blue, and Emerald Green”.  You can also mix these colors to get more combinations, or color baits in more than one color.  Take a look at some of the color combinations shown on the below paperwork!

And, to top it off, Min-O-Dye also adds a scent to the bait!  And yes, it has been scientifically proven that fish do smell.
So, if you want to fish with that red and yellow zebra striped minnow or a golden leech or even a shiny blue frog with orange spots…this was your answer.  Or, at least was at one time….