November 2015
“Fish Hook”
W. C. Larsen – E. E. Koenig
Fairmont, MN

OK, you know you are a “fishing lure collector geek” when you get excited to find a plain looking fish hook in a plastic case.

However, being a MN lure collector, I noticed that it was listed as being made in Minnesota…and it had a patent number.

Since man has been fishing using hooks, inventors have been coming up with ways on how to catch fish on the hook…but without hooking any weeds.  This hook was designed by W. C. Larsen in the 1950s to do just that.

Yes, it may seem like a “simple hook”, but it was yet another way of implementing a weedless hook for the fisherman.  While it is easy to look over this design while entire fishing lures are so much more eye appealing to the collector, it still has its place in history.  Besides, it is the only lure/hook I have found that was patented in the town of Fairmont, a Minnesota town surrounded by a chain of 5 or more lakes.