November 2016
Jig-A-Plug Blood Lure
Bait Path Mfg Co
Manitoba, CN

The months Lure Of The Month is my first bait from a country other than the USA.  It comes from our wonderful neighbor to the north, Canada.

Most baits on the market simulate wounded prey.  This lure goes the extra step in terms of wounded prey and attracting fish.

An unrelated company, Big State Bait Co, introducing the “bleeding fish lure” in the 1930s.  These were wooden baits with a compartment in the belly to add a tablet…that would dissolve over time and make the lure “bleed”.  This lure came out much later and basically did the same thing.  You were to take a ¼ of a teaspoon of “dried blood” (some included with the lure) and insert it inside the bait by lifting the head off the lure.  Then the “blood” would dissolve over time and make a “bait path” behind the lure when trolling or reeling in.  This, of course, attracted pike, musky, trout, walleye, and salmon.  And, maybe a shark or two (ha ha).

The instructions also state that many other things could be used instead of the dried “blood”.  Poultry, liver, worms, beef, fish, cheese, etc could all be used.  When using live worms, the instructions suggested attaching pins through one end of the worm and insert into the bait.  The worms will work their way to the back of the bait and hang through the holes so as to trail behind tail of lure.

This lure came in a few different sizes.  Also, many of the color schemes includes glitter on the lure.

How this lure worked on catching fish, I am not sure.  It appears it didn’t last on the market too long….