April 2017
Ted’s Weedless Bass Hook
Lillis Lure Company
Perham, MN
For the price of 75 cents, you could purchase this bait harness in Perham many years ago.

I assume this hook were made and sold locally and by a man named Ted Lillis. A quick Google search of his name got me limited information…but at least I got some results.

“Born in Oak Knoll, Deadlake Ottertail, Minnesota, USA on 15 Feb 1903 to William Lillis and Julia Bistrom. Ted Lillis married Clarrisa Posey and had 1 child. He passed away on 8 Aug 1969 in Perham, Minnesota, USA.”

Like I stated, not much information. However, if Ted were alive today…I am sure he would be happy that at least one person still enjoys the bait harness he made and that it is this month’s Lure Of The Month.