March 2017
Kwik Fish Stringer
Hermann – Murray & Co
Excelsior, MN
Don’t you hate it when the fish are biting well and it seems you spend more time untying your stringer to put your fish on than you do fishing?

Yes, I know…stringers used for fishing is not seen as much now as the past. But, before live-wells, this was a common way of keeping fish cool, wet, and fresh.

This stringer was made in the great state of Minnesota in the past. The time frame is hard to calculate, but judging from the abbreviation for Minnesota being Minn (not MN) and no zip code…it is at least from the early 1960s. Whenever I see items like this, I automatically think it was made from the late 1940s to the early 1960s, thanks to the huge boom in the tackle business at this time.

A metal plate would clamp to your boat and hold your stringer without you having to tie it. Catch a fish…then easily unhook one end of the string and slide your fish on. Then, hook your string back on to the metal plate. No fish or time lost.

This is a complete set of stringers new and in the dealer box worth thousands of dollars. Ha, I wish…. The dollar value is not high, but still a nice addition to my Minnesota tackle collection.