August 2017
Zink Screwtail
Zink Artificial Bait Company
Dixon, IL
The strange name for this lure is actually very fitting. The bait features a body shaped like a screw that, when pulled through the water, would screw (spin). Not only that, but this bait had a unique diving lip with metal fins that extended along the sides of the head. This lip was adjustable so the fisherman could get the action that he wanted without changing lures.

This bait is 2 ½ inches long and was made in 4 colors that I am aware of: orange/brown and black, yellow and green, black and grey, and red and white.

The box features the lure being cast by a fisherman, although I admit my lure box is not in the greatest shape. Still, an example.

I find it interesting that there were many plugs that “spun” to attract the fish back in the day. While many baits still spin nowadays, none seem as “cool” as the ones of the past.