January 2017
The Floater
Lazy Eye Enterprises
Hesperia, MI
A lot of famous and great fishing lures of the past came out of the State of Michigan. This is NOT one of them….

For the Lure Of The Month, I usually feature antique or vintage tackle. This is not as it is still being made and is still available at the time this was written. But, since I gave many of these away as funny Christmas gifts recently, I decided to “honor” this bait this month.

As the disclaimer on their website states: “The Floater is a novelty lure and not an actual lure. The hooks are sharp and can cause injury”. It is a good lure to leave in the box and hang in your outhouse or bathroom in your cabin down by the lake.

As the packaging states, it is “the No. 2 lure that is No. 1”. This perfectly designed bait imitates “browns and crappies”. If fact, one reviewer gave it 4 out of 4 stars stating “What a piece of crap!!!!”

It is still available and being sold by TNT Marketing in Grand Haven, MI. You can check out their website at sewerlure.com