July 2017
Diamond Wiggler
Bignall & Schaaf
Grand Rapids, MI
The Diamond Wiggler is the only lure that I know of made by these gentlemen. It is a wobbler-style of bait made in the early 1900s. The ad I have copied below is from 1914.

This bait was advertised as “the live-acting bait”. It was made of wood and it floats, but when retrieved it swam about two feet under the water. As it swam, water passed through holes in the “head” of the lure and exited on the “neck” along some diamond groove lines carved into the wood. The flowing water pressed against these grooves on the sides of the body causing it to have a wobbling action.

According to the ad, its “lifelike action, attractive colors, and non-tangling hooks insure you a good catch and a real comfort in fishing”. As you can tell, I don’t know much about this lure except for what appears in its advertisements.

This lure originally sold for $0.50. As far as I know, the only colors I have seen are red and white like the one pictured.

The lure I have is not in the best condition, but it was a local find for me. I wonder how many fish this bait has caught over the years? I am tempted to take it out and try it, but small miscellaneous company lures like this one are hard to find…so I don’t think I will risk it.