June 2017
Goofy Gus
C. A. Clark Bait Company
Springfield, MO
The C. A. Clark Bait Company was a prominent lure maker in the 1940s and 1950s. There most popular lure was called the Water Scout, but they made many types of baits for the fisherman.

One of their toughest lures to find is the Goofy Gus (Model Series 2600). This topwater wooden lure was a little over 3 inches long and had either one or (the most common way) two propellers. The shape of the plug is unique as it has a tapered front and back with a thin “waist”. This shape helped create a “popping” action along with the “buzzing” of the spinners to attract the fish.

The bait also features black bead glass eyes, screw eye hook hardware, and the name “Goofy Gus” stenciled on the back. It also came in a wide variety of colors.

I acquired this lure sometime in the late-1980s in an old tackle box I purchased. I didn’t think too much about the well-used bait as it didn’t compare as favorable to the other lures I was collecting at the time…so it ended up in my tackle box. Many large-mouthed bass, pike, and even a few sunfish were caught on this bait and I found myself using it often.

Years later, I learned this lure was quite collectable and much older than I expected. Since I owned mine, it was never in mint condition…but I still decided it was time to retire this lure. Chalk another bait up to the retired lures collection!!

But, who is Gus and was he really that Goofy?