May 2017
Fly and Bait Championship Medals
St Paul Fly and Bait Casting Club
St Paul, MN
1920s – 1930s
Not too long ago, I purchased three medals from a fellow collector.

While I know nothing about the St Paul Fly and Bait Casting Club or how to obtain “points”…I wanted to show that such a contest did exist and this one person must have been good for he won several medals. In fact, I have seen more medals besides these with different dates that this person won. I wanted these medals for it was a little bit of fishing lure history I could add to my collection.

These medals were all won by E. L. Steidel and they are as follows:

1929 – 56 points – 3rd

1928 – 49 points – 2nd (tie)

1936 – 39 points – 2nd

If anyone has information about this Club or the person that won these medals or even the competition, I would love to hear from you at