Minnesota Lures
This company was started by Karl Larson in the early 1950s, who just left another MN lure company he started...Paul Bunyan Baits.

These two lures were made in several locations including Aitken, Anoka, Coon Rapids and Glencoe (where it is still being made). 

Aitken was the original location of this company. The Frogs on the lure were also made by the company and were available as an attachment.

For more lure and company history or to order a lure, see www.weedlesslure.com.
Larson Bait Company
(Weedless Bait Co)
Aitkin was named for William Alexander Aitkin, a partner of the American Fur Company and chief factor of the company's regional operations in the early 19th century.

American film actress and singer Judy Garland performed at the opera house in Aitkin as a young child. A small display related to Ms. Garland can be found in the converted opera house, now Butler's store, in downtown Aitkin.

Each year in November, Aitkin hosts the "World Famous Fish House Parade", which occurs annually on the day after Thanksgiving.