Minnesota Lures
Cloquet was incorporated as a village in 1884 and became a city, with a mayor and city council, in 1904. 

The area was the site of the 1918 Cloquet Fire, which destroyed much of the town and killed approximately 500 people.

Cloquet is famed in American economic history because before and after the Second World War it was home of the strongest consumers cooperative of the country. The Cloquet Coöperative Society (founded 1910) operated two cooperative stores which handled food, hardware, shoes, drygoods, and furniture. Other cooperative services included a building supply store, a coal yard, a mortuary, an auto repair shop and a gas service station.  In 1939 the co-op did 35% of the business in the town.  The Finnish cooperative groups of the area also had an influence on the American cooperative movement in general.

Gene's Gem Bait Co
This lure was made in the 1950s, and incorporated ball bearings inside of the lure to make a fish attracting rattling sound. 
Tom and Hawk Tackle
This company made spinners in the Cloquet / Duluth area, probably in the 1960s.