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Mankato Township was not settled by European Americans until Parsons King Johnson in February 1852, as part of the nineteenth century migration of people from the east across the Midwest. New residents organized the city of Mankato on May 11, 1858.

A popular story says that the city was intended to have been named Mahkato, but a typographical error by a clerk established the name as Mankato.

It was also "the big town" that people from "Little House on the Prairie" series used to go to for shopping.

This hook was patented in 1958 and was sold in a small plastic case.

Believe it or not, this hook is not easy to find….

Minnesota Lures
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The city of Fairmont is built around a chain of five lakes: Lake George, Sisseton Lake, Budd Lake, Hall Lake, and Amber Lake.

Fairmont was home to Fairmont Railway Motors, Inc, now part of Harsco Corporation, for a century. This company was a pioneer in the railway industry.  The town celebrated its 100th anniversary in the summer of 2009.

Prior to 1992, Fairmont had been home to a major regional frozen food canning operation, Stokely – Van Camp.  The plant fell under after United Foods' 1982 $50 million dollar buy-out of Van Camp's frozen vegetable division.

W. C. Larson – E. E. Koenig