June 2009
The “Lure of the Month” for this month is not ever a lure.  It is a bobber!

It is not old.  It is not valuable.  It was not sold in tackle shops. 

So, why is it featured?

Picture this.  I am showing lures at the Northwest Sportshow.  Some lures are over 100 years old.  Kids are looking in the cases of all the lures with little excitement…then they see it…”Hey, a Dairy Queen!  Ccooooll!”

This bobber was given out by Dairy Queen as part of their “Kids Meal” in the late 1990s.  Hmmm, why wouldn’t you want a Dairy Queen in June anyway?

This bobber was given to me by a fellow lure collector.  What a nice gesture!  This prompted me to give an item to someone else…and I hope it goes on and on….

Take a kid fishing this summer.  Even if that kid is 20 years old.  Or, 44….
Dairy Queen Bobber