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This quiz consists of 32 multiple choice questions. 
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1)In the late 1930’s Heddon came out with a lure color that can be described as “white and silver, with a red head and red stripe running down the sides”.  The color of this lure is referred to as:                    
c.“Allen Stripey”
d.“Blood Trail”

2)An early way of fishing using a very long pole with a lure tied to the end and running it through the water by swaying the pole back and forth was called:
b.Cane Pole Fishing

3)Who is credited with, after enjoying a meal in his boat,  accidentally dropping a spoon in the water and then seeing a trout snap at it…giving him the idea to create several revolutionary lures:
a.W. D. Chapman
b.James Heddon
d.J. T. Buel

4)What lure company made that “Sassy Bassy Bait” and made lures that would “Fool the College Bred Fish”?
a.South Bend
b.Creek Chub Bait Co
c.Biff Bait
d.Bite Em Bait

5)In 1859, Riley Haskell obtained a patent for a “fish hook” that was in the shape of a minnow.  In the patent, the material the minnow was to be made out of was:

6)What lure was tested and manufactured by “Professor Howe”?
a.The “Vacuum Bait”
b.The “Bleeder Baits”
c.The “Hi-Yo Lure”
d.The “K and K Automatic Minnow”

7)This company spelled “bait” b-a-t-e in their original name for the first years of their existence. 
a.Biek Bait Co
b.Bite-Em Bait Co
c.Herb Mills Bait Co
d.Biff Bait Co

8)Several lures where made with a line tie on each end of the lure so that the lure could be an underwater lure or a surface lure…depends on what side the line was tied to.  Which one is NOT one of these lures?
a.“Leeper’s Bass Bait”, by Henry Leeper
b.“Miller’s Reversible Spinner”, by Union Spings Specialty Co
c.“Two-Oreno”, by South Bend Bait Co
d.“Daily Double”, By Millsite Fishing Tackle

9)Several companies made “Globe” lures, where the head and body are separated by a two-bladed metal spinner and the head  rotates on retrieve.  What company made a lure like this for Edward K. Tryon Co. in the early 1900’s ?
a.Plueger (Enterprise Mfg)
b.Anson B. Decker
c.Manhattan Bait Co
d.James Heddon and Sons

10)This lure was available in 1912, but the name was changed in 1918 in honor of the American Marines in the recent war (World War I).  What lure is this?
a.The “Humdinger”, by W. J. Jamison
b.The “Wonder”, by Clinton Wilt
c.The “Monarch Minnow”, by Pflueger
d.The “Dardevle”, by Lou Eppinger

11)In 1915, South Bend Bait Co bought the rights to a now famous lure they originally called the “South Bend Wobbler”, and one year later changed the name to the “Bass-Oreno”.  Who did they buy the rights from?
a.Jim Olds
b.F. W. Worden
c.Jim Harvey
d.Richard T. Wilson

12)Which of the following companies did NOT modify a lure color for troop support after or during  World War I or World War II?
a.Brown Brothers Co   
b.Creek Chub Bait Co
c.South Bend Bait Co
d.Eger Bait Mfg Co
e.Union Specialty Co

13)This lure manufacturer started in 1915 and made lures specifically for use with a pork rind:
a.Al Foss
b.Josh’s Tackle
c.Charles Helin
d.Jim Dandy

14)This company is credited with making the first jointed fishing lure:
a.K and K
b.Erwin Weller
d.Oliver and Gruber

15)Who is credited with making the “grandfather” of all current spinner baits in 1917:
a.Shannon Tweed
b.W. J. Jamison
c.Fred C. Keeling Co
d.Paw Paw Bait Co

16)This color was “invented” when the Heddons needed to rush some lures to a customer and attempted to dry the paint on them in their kitchen oven.  This color is known as:
a.“Burnt Back”
d.“Flake Paint”

17)Whose slogan was “One in every Tackle Box”, and due to its huge success…this goal was fairly accurate:
a.The “Jitterbug”, Fred Arbogast
b.The “River Runt”, Heddon
c.The “Pikie”, Creek Chub Bait Co
d.The “Bass-Oreno”, South Bend Bait Co

18)In around 1930, Heddon introduced their new “indestructible” lure made of plastic.  What did they call these types of lures?
b.“Fake Glass”
d.“Clear Coats”

19)This tackle company was bought out by Heddon to obtain the rights to their tackle box and all their lures were then discontinued:
a.Hastings Sporting Goods Co
b.Lauby Lures
c.Wright and McGill
d.Outing Mfg

20)On June 2, 1932, nineteen year old George Perry caught the world record Black Bass of 22 lbs. 4 oz. in Georgia on the only store bought lure he owned.  What was the lure claimed to be?
a.Creek Chub Wiggle Fish
b.Pfueger Globe
c.Heddon River Runt
d.South Bend Bass-Oreno

21)Classic lure maker “Bud” Stewart’s real first name was:
c.Bob (Robert)

22)In the early 1900’s, William Shakespeare Jr named two lures after his “fishing buddies” who were also famous lure makers.  One was a Revolution lure (after F. G. Worden).  The other was:
a.The “Slim Jim”, after James “Slim” Heddon
b.The “Neverfail Minnow”, after Fred “Neverfail” Rhodes
c.The “J Plug”, after W. J. Jamison
d.The “Monarch Minnow”, after the Plueger Brothers

23)Heddon made some other products besides items for fishing.  Which one was NOT manufactured by Heddon:
a.Radio antennas
b.Golf club shafts
c.Violin bows
d.Tent poles

24)Whose nickname was “Mr. Bucktail”?
a.F. G. Worden
b.J. Heddon
c.J. Rhodes
d.H. Dills

25)Before being called “Pflueger” or “Enterprise Mfg Co”, this company was called:
a.The American Fish Hook Co
b.4 Brothers Co
c.Lures Inc
d.Akron Tackle Co

26)This lure inventor made over 50 different styles of lures on a lathe that he altered from an old foot powered sewing machine, but he only patented a few such as the “Tantalizer” and the “Getsem”.
a.Jay Rhodes
b.Samuel Friend
c.Franklin Alger
d.Frank Woods

27)In the early 1900s, a janitor named Horace Ball belonged to a club whose members had little time to fish in the day due to work, so they fished at night.  He made lures in the basement of the county courthouse where he was janitor for this purpose.  Later, he joined with Charles Varney and formed this tackle company:
a.Luminous Bait Co
b.Moonlight Bait Co
c.Enterprise Mfg Co
d.Horace Ball Bait Co

28)This lure manufacturer is believed to be the forerunner to the “Bleeding Bait Co” and made a lure that would “bleed” when special tablets when inserted into a compartment in the lure.
a.Big State Bait Co
b.Clark Brothers
c.Klipon Lures

29)The famous “World Champions” of Bass Fishing Contest between lure makers Ans. B. Decker and W. J. Jamison (Note:  Jamison “won” 28 to 16 fish, but Decker claimed victory also for his fish were larger) took place:
a.June, 1910
b.July, 1912
c.May, 1914
d.August, 1916

30)This lure was made from little tin boxes that once contained watch parts.  The tins were sealed shut and soldered to a shaft that had propellers on it:
a.“Shoonie’s Scooter”
b.“Jack’s Rip-L-Lure”
d.“Kilby Minnow”

31)This lure is believed to be the result of two doctors assigning patients at a mental hospital a manufacturing project to aid in “recovery”.  When hospital staff learned they were possibly making money off of the work of the patients, the manufacturing was halted.
a.The “Glowurm”
b.The “Vacuum Bait”
c.The “Hootenanna”
d.The “Snakerbait”

32)Shortly after World War II, W.R. Sauey and his brother, Ed, put all of their combined savings toward the purchase of parts to build a hand-made injection mold machine.  At first they were going to make plastic toys, but manufactured this lure instead:
a.The “Halik Frog”
b.The “Bubble Minnie”
c.The “Whirling Dervish”
d.“Minnie The Swimmer”

12)D (OK, this was a tricky question as Eger had “Victory” boxes, but no special lure color that I am aware of.)