Match the Company / Lure Slogan to the Company
When finished, scroll down for the answers.

Don't Cheat!!
1) "Will Fool the College Bred Fish"
a) W. D. Chapman
2) “Fish and Feel Fit”
b) All Star Bait Co.
3) "Moving Mercury Makes It Act Alive!"
c) Outing Manufacturing Co.
4) “Artificial (Famous) Bait for Game Fishing”
d) Anson B.  Decker
5) “Two Distinct Baits in One
e) The Shakespeare Co. (has two answers)
6) “IXL”  (I Excel)
f) Thompson-Moore Tackle Co.
7) “The Buck Tail Makes it Look Alive in the Water”
g) The Bite-Em Bate Co.
8) “The Most Attractive Fish Lure Any Angler Every Cast”
h) Moonlight Bait Co.
9) “Make the Big Ones Surrender; Blast the Big Boys Out of Their Bomb Shelters”
ii) McCormic Bait Co
10) “Baits that Catch Fish”
j) Detroit Glass Minnow Tube Co
11) “A Heap Good Bait, Bring’Um Big Fish to Your Stringer”
k) Pflueger Manufacturing Co
12) “Dewey Getum? – We Say He Du”
l) Charmer Minnow Co.
13) “______ Made, Well Made”
m) W.R. Ketchum
14) “Fisherman, You Can Use One Live Minnow All Day”
n) Dickens Bait Co.
15) “None Genuine Without My Signature on the Box”
o) Biff Bait Co. (has two answers)
16) “Makes-Em Bite-Em”
p) F.G. Worden
17) “Original and Only Successful Night Bait Ever Invented”
q) South Bend Bait Co.
18) “____ Does That Sassy Bassy Bait”
r) Stevenson Enterprises Inc.
19)  “Good Luck Fishing Tackle”
s) Activated Lure Co.
20) “The Kick That Gets Them Quick”
t) Hastings Sporting Goods Co.
21) “Built Like a Watch”  
u) Herb Mills Fishing Tackle Co.
22) “A fisherman may fish and a fisherman may lie. What a fisherman
can't Ketch a fisherman may buy.  No need to lie or buy if you use _____."
v) Rinehart Tackle Co. Baits
23) “The Lure That’s Sure”
w) James Heddon's Sons (has two answers)
24) “As New and Revolutionary as Atomic Power"

25)  “Like a Thing Bewitched, It Seems to Weave A Weird Enchanting Spell"

26)  “River Runt Does The Stunt!”


1)  o

2)  q

3)  r (maker of the Mercury Minnow, was also called the “Mercury Tackle Co”)

4)  k

5)  n (maker of the Liar Convertible Minnow that could be converted to either underwater of surface fishing)

6)  a

7)  p (Mr. “Bucktail” Worden)

8)  l

9)  f (maker of the Mitey Atom -- forerunner(?) to the Bomber Lure)

10) e

11) u (maker of the Big Chief Teazum Surface Minnow)

12) c (maker of Dewey’s Du-Getum)

13) w

14) j

15) d

16) g

17) h

18) o

19) t (maker of the Wilson lures, such as the Fluted Wobblers)

20) b (maker of the Gee Wiz Frog)

21) e

22) m

23) v (maker of the Rinehart Jinx)

24) s (maker of the Hi-Yo Activated Lure that was powered with dry ice)  

25) ii (maker of the McCormic Mermaid)

26) w

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