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Minnesota Lures
The city of Waseca was founded in 1867.

Waseca was severely damaged from the 1967 Southern Minnesota tornado outbreak.  But, this small town rebuilt itself.

Waseca is home to the Federal Correctional Institution, Waseca, a low-security federal prison housing female inmates.

Lightning Lures
I have found several of these lures in the boxes.  It appears they sold a wide variety of lures in the common shapes and sizes.  However, the wood lures appear to be lower in quality than the lures they imitated.
Herter's Inc
While Herter's did not manufacture lures and instead had many imitations made overseas and shipped to MN, I had to include them on my webpage.

Herter's was the Cabella's of their day and I still run into people that remember driving 100s of miles to visit Herter's.