Shortly after World War II, two men combined all of their savings in order to purchase the parts to build an injection molding machine.  Their plan was to start their own company and build plastic toys.

These two men were W.R. Sauey and his brother, Ed.

After some discussions with friends in Minnesota, the two brothers decided not to make toys, but to make a fishing lure instead.  This lure was the Halik Frog.  This plastic lure came in three sizes called Senior, Junior, and a fly rod size.  

The lures can resemble a toy, except for the hooks placed on the body and legs.  This is a mechanical lure, and when the line is pulled, the feet move in and out to create a realistic frog kicking motion.  

From those humble beginnings of making a fishing lure, the company grew.  The reason for their growth was not so much the lure, but the injection molding machine the brothers made and their ability to make other items out of plastic.  

Soon, the fishing lure manufacturing ceased and was replaced by many other more-profitable components. 

The two co-founding brothers used to swim in the Flambeau River in their youth (the river was named by the French for the torches the Ojibwe Indians used to use when fishing at night) and these childhood memories made “Flambeau” the natural choice for their growing company’s name.

Flambeau is still in business today with factories all over the U.S.  From that fishing lure, Flambeau has grown to encompass a diverse range of manufactured plastic products.  One of these products is the famous Duncan Yoyo, who was bought out by Flambeau in 1968.

So, it appears the brothers made their toy after all!
November 2009
Halik Frog
Manufactured by the Halik Co.
Moose Lake, MN
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