Over the years, I have collected a number of old and interesting lures, and I enjoy showing them. I have made a number of appearances, not only at lure and sport shows, but also at schools.  I enjoy teaching people of all ages about the history of fishing and enjoy hearing their stories and experiences.

I collect a wide variety of fishing tackle and have gathered lots of knowledge on all types of lures.  My friends and nephews give me a hard time when many times someone comes up to me and starts describing a lure, and I know immediately what it is and the years it was made.  But, sometimes I can be stumped too…and that just means there is more to learn.

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The display at the 2012 Northwest Sportshow was another success.  This was the 80th Anniversary of the Show, and it was great to be part of the celebration.  A big "Thank you" goes to my nephew Zeke and my niece Emily (JJ) for their help in the booth!! 
For quite some time now, I have been focusing more on lures made in Minnesota, and know quite a bit about fishing history and lure company history in Minnesota.  I am always searching for information and lures that I am not aware of. 

I offer free appraisals on lures brought in to me.  I will also drive out to other locations to appraise lures, but there may be a very small charge if this is required.  To be honest though, I have yet to charge anyone for any appraisals….

I am constantly studying what lures are selling for and the latest trends in the collecting field.  I give people as honest of appraisal as I can and my reputation is worth more than any lure to me.  I am still looking to buy some lures, but my search has refined a lot since I started collecting.  If I was to buy something, I am truthful and offer about 60-70% of what I think it could sell for unless it is something I really want.  Then I may pay more than the value just so I can add it to my collection.

If you would like me to come to your show or make an appearance for your school, e-mail me at or call me at 612-889-2234 to schedule an appearance.