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May 2022
Each month, I feature fishing tackle on my website that I find interesting.  If you have a lure that you would like to see featured or have any comments on the lures I have already featured, please let me know.  I would like to hear from you!
I acquired these folk art lures a number of years ago in Minnesota. At the time, the person that sold them to me was convinced these were made by the Brown Brothers out of Osakis, MN. They could be, but highly unlikely. I own quite a few prototype lures from this company and none match this design or color scheme.

Still, these are amongst my favorite folk art lures I found in Minnesota, or anywhere. They are quite heavy and sink, and feature a unique spinning tail and a very “folky” paint scheme. There is even some beads included in the design.

The age of these is hard to determine. I would assume around the 1930s or 1940s…but that is just a guess. 

If anyone has any information about these baits or ones similar, let me know. I have been searching for data for probably over 20 years with no luck.

“Tail Spin Minnows”
Unknown Folk Art Bait
Found in Minnesota

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