This is perhaps our most controversial page on the, seeing as how there are many different defenitions of "past." Most of the people I talk to still have many of these gadgets in their tackle boxes.
Gadgets of the "Past"
Bob Hawk's Miracle Worm Dispenser

This gadget was invented to help fishermen keep their hands clean. You are supposed put your worms and dirt inside, and the worms will supposedly crawl through the holes on the sides. You just open up the tubes, and the worm will pop out. I've tried it with very little success.
     Built by the Dayton Bait Co in Dayton, OH

This device is designed for when your arms get too tired, or your rod gets too heavy. You put the string around your neck, then place your rod in the green stirrup.
Thomas Locator
Built by Thomas Co in Watertown, MN

The battery will never run out on this GPS. The Thomas Locator was designed to help fisherman find their secret fishing spots. There are mirrors on the side, and when you look through the hole on the bottom, you see two images. You remember the images, and write down the gauge number. When you go back out to your spot, you look through the holes and refind your spot.
Krafty Fish Caller
   Built by Birchkraft Inc
Milwaukee, WI

This is used for attracting fish. You put a battery inside, which makes the Fish Caller vibrate and hum. You put it in the water, and the vibrations are supposed to attract the fish.
MacKenzie Tool and Eng Co
Springfield, MA

This was designed for bait comfort. You would put your minnow inside, then cast it out. When the device hits the water, the minnow is released, and the device acts as your bobber. It was invented so your minnow didn't get hurt while fishing...
Bob's Black Box
Bob's Sport Shop
Fairmont, MN

Designed for ice fishing. After putting a battery inside and turning the knob on top, Bob's Black Box would jig your decoy for you while you nap on the ice.
Langley Fisherman's De-Liar

The fish-story destoyer. The tape measure was accurate, and the scale was usually within three lbs of a four lb fish.
Depth Finder

Ah, the days before electronics. Put the metal weight into the lake, then unreel the spool until you hit the bottom.
Fish Scale

This pre-1900 model still works. The groves on the inside are worn down and difficult to read. If you need to weigh your fish, I'd recommend the De-Liar...
J.W White, Jr
Little Rock, AR

For the very lazy fisherman. If you feel the need to go eat a hotdog or take a whiz, just set up your Auto-Fisher. The autofisher has a spring inside that will set your hook when a fish bites your line.
Mink Trap

Silly mink. If you put this in your trap, the mink will think its a fish, try and grab it, and get his hand caught in the cookiejar.
Ron Popeil's Pocket Fisherman

The biggest fishing invention since the hook...and still only $19.95!
Formula 721 Bug Dope
Herter's Inc
Waseca, MN

The back of the bottle reads: "DO NOT APPLY on the forhead over eyes. Even though mild, this formula is irritating to the membranes."

Lure Retriever

If your lure is stuck on a weed or stump, send the Lure Retriever in. Tie a rope around his nose, and wrap the rings around your line. Send him down your line and attach him to your lure. Pull on the rope, and raise your lure to safety.
Fishing Barometer

There is a chart telling you whether or not to go fishing, depending on the barometric pressure.

Don't listen to it. It is always a good time to fish.
Guncaster Model M-1
Glo-Lure, Inc
Medford, WI

Attach your reel to the Guncaster, wind up your rubberband, cock the gun, pull the trigger and fish. For people who just don't want to cast. I find the most useful job for the Guncaster is to shoot pop cans from boat to boat.
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