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December 2016
Each month, I feature fishing tackle on my website that I find interesting.  If you have a lure that you would like to see featured or have any comments on the lures I have already featured, please let me know.  I would like to hear from you!
A popular saying, especially amongst "old-timers" is "everything but the kitchen sink".  Such as, "When moving off to college, Sam packed everything but the kitchen sink" or "When I am buying the meal, Jim orders everything but the kitchen sink".

The meaning is quite explanitory, but where does it come from?  With some research, I found that this phrase was already being used in the early 1900s, right after the first homes were getting indoor plumbing.  I guess a heavy sink and the plumbing where considered to be "unmovable" in early houses...and even more so today!

What is interesting, is that the phrase "everything but the kitchen stove" was actually used in the late 1800s. With the advent of indoor plumbing and sinks...the kitchen stove was replaced with the kitchen sink in the phrase.

In turns of fishing, saying you "threw every bait possible but the kitchen sink" has been used.  So, someone thought it would be funny to make a kitchen sink lure.  In fact, several lure and novelty companies made a "kitchen sink" bait.  I even have a small display of a "kitchen sink lures" in a collection.

But, out of all of those in the collection, this is my favorite and appears to be the olderest.  The double faucet sink looks like the huge sink that was in my Nissila grandparents house.  And judging from the box and the type of sink and faucets, I think it dates back to the 1940s or possibly earlier.

If you have a kitchen sink lure and would like to share information with me, please send me an email.  I would like to see what you have!

Kitchen Sink
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