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April 2021
Each month, I feature fishing tackle on my website that I find interesting.  If you have a lure that you would like to see featured or have any comments on the lures I have already featured, please let me know.  I would like to hear from you!
Hello everyone!

I had stepped away from working on my website for quite some time (2 years!). In fact, for the most part, I took a break from fishing lure collecting. But, I am back and will be updated my website, especially the Minnesota Lures Page, a lot over the next few weeks.

What better way to start it off again with April’s “Lure Of The Month” for 2021 with a Minnesota bait!

I know very little about this lure. In fact, all I know is what was stated on a box I saw at one point. “HI-LO Artificial Minnow Gets Em” and “Manufactured at 650 Fuller Ave…St. Paul, Minn”.

That is it!!

This wooden bait is similar to a “Bass-Oreno”, a very popular lure made by South Bend Mfg, except it is more slender and with a huge added unique feature…the tail! The tail is jointed and has a metal fin. For the heck of it, I tried it in the water and the action is great. 

I have seen very few of these lures and I am not aware of it being in any of the many lure collector books that I own…so it must be very uncommon. Why? I am not sure for the action is so great, in my opinion, that it must have been a great fish catcher. Odds are, the company that sold these must have been fairly small and had a very low distribution area.

If anybody reading this has any more information they would like to share, please contact me! Or, better yet, if you have one to sell (especially with the box), I would be interested!

The Li-Vo Artificial Minnow
(unknown maker)
St. Paul, MN

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Welcome to my Retired Lures Website!

This site features antique and vintage fishing lures as well as some other bits of information.

If you have information you wish to share, especially on the history of MN tackle companies, please contact me. 
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After four years of taking a break...I am back!!
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