Minnesota Lures
Aurora is a small town on the edge of the Superior National Forest and surrounded by many lakes. Each summer it is part of the Northern Lights Music Festival which features opera, chamber music, and symphonies. 

Probably its most noticeable resident of the past was Jeno Paulucci, who is famous for inventing Chun King, Jeno’s Pizza and Pizza Rolls, Michelina’s, and many others.

I have not found any information about his small lure business except he made a few metal baits and also this wooden bait, know as the “Happy Jack”. This lure features only one “eye” and does have great action in the water (yes, I have tried it).

Aade’s address was simply Route 1 of Aurora, MN. 

If you have any of Pelto’s lures or better yet…a lure box…please contact me.

Aade Pelto