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Minnesota Lures
Bemidji is the most major city in North Central Minnesota and the largest commercial center between Grand Forks, North Dakota and Duluth, Minnesota.

Bemidji lies on the southwest shore of Lake Bemidji, the northernmost lake feeding the Mississippi River and, as such, is deemed "the first city on the Mississippi." Bemidji is also dubbed the "curling capital," of the U.S.

NFL Pro Football Hall of Famer Dave Casper was born in Bemidji, as was actress Jane Russell.

Bemidji is also home to Paul Bunyan and Babe (his blue ox).  If you don't believe me, you will have to visit him someday.

C. L. Blank
This lure was designed by C. L. Blank in 1949 (hence the name) out of Bemidji and later was made by R & R Vorderbruggen & Sons out of Cannon Falls, MN.

Many of the early baits have "49er" stamped on the top of the lure.  It came in three sizes and several colors.

Northland Fishing Tackle
Northland is a fairly new company (started in 1975) and mainly manufactures rubber baits, spinners, and spoons...and therefore most of their lures do not appeal to collectors at this time.

However, being this company manufactures great fish-catchers, I thought I would list them here. 

The lure shown is a MN Twins Eric Milton Spinner.
Lysen Industries
These hooks were sold before the mid 1960s due to the lack of a zip code on the card and the Minnesota abbreviation being "Minn" instead of "MN".

Minnesota Woods Products
This double fish hook was patented in 1956 and then sold through Minnesota Wood Products.

The inventor's name was Orby Ware who resided in nearby Lake George, an unincorporated community in Lake George Township.