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Minnesota Lures
Long Lake
The first settlers arrived in Long Lake in 1855. This first settlement was called Cumberland Town and consisted of a saw mill, general store and schoolhouse. 

A significant aspect of the early settlement of Long Lake was the relationship between the Dakota, the Chippewa and the settlers. 

The Dakota were informed of the location of the Chippewa through two settlers in the area. This information prompted many of the Dakota to be in and around Long Lake. Although there was no fighting, their presence in the area forced the Chippewa to vacate Teepee Hill. There was concern among the settlers that the Chippewa would return, so they establishing a cemetery (hallowed ground) on Teepee Hill.

The late 1890s-early 1900s became known as the berry years in Long Lake. The Minnesota Fruit Growers Association was established in Long Lake in 1898 to focus on promoting strawberry and raspberry production.  

Lucky Day Bait Co
This company made many different lures and was awarded many patents starting in 1953.

Lure names were clever such as the Dubl-Pop, the Silly Billy,  and the Sh-Boom.