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Minnesota Lures
Northfield was founded by John W. North in 1855. Northfield was an early agricultural center with many wheat and corn farms. The local cereal producer Malt-O-Meal is one of the few remnants of Northfield's historic wheat bloom. The city's motto, "Cows, Colleges, and Contentment", reflects the influence of the dairy farms.

On September 7, 1876, the James-Younger Gang attempted a robbery on the First National Bank of Northfield. Local citizens, recognizing what was happening, armed themselves and resisted the robbers and successfully thwarted the theft. Jesse and Frank James escaped west into the Dakotas, while the remaining gang members were killed or taken into custody. One of Northfield's slogans is "Jesse James Slipped Here", based on the raid's failure.

The raid has sometimes been called the last major event of the American Civil War.

Southworth Fly Co
This company made large fly lures that were available in a wide variety of colors.

They also made the Fly-Tail and the Leopard plugs, which is "the lure the fish have been waiting for", or so the box claims.   With this lures, you could go "fly fishing with a plug".  Strange as these lures appear to be identical.