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Mankato Township was not settled by European Americans until Parsons King Johnson in February 1852, as part of the nineteenth century migration of people from the east across the Midwest. New residents organized the city of Mankato on May 11, 1858.

A popular story says that the city was intended to have been named Mahkato, but a typographical error by a clerk established the name as Mankato.

It was also "the big town" that people from "Little House on the Prairie" series used to go to for shopping.

The Zamboni 99% Weedless Hooks and Harnesses  came is several styles and are usually found on yellowish cards.

The frog harness box is pretty tough to find.

Minnesota Lures
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Owatonna was first settled in 1853 and was named after the Straight River, which in the Dakota Indian language is Wakpá Owóthaŋna.

In the late 19th century, a plan to increase tourism and a sell bottled water took place in which a story centered around a "Princess Owatonna" was concocted. According to the story, Princess Owatonna, daughter of Chief Wabena, fell ill. After being given bubbling spring water from the area by her father, Princess Owatonna was miraculously cured, lending her name and image to both the town and the newly minted bottled water company. A statue of the princess appears in Owatonna's Mineral Springs Park, and a fountain was built where visitors can see the springs and drink the water that saved Princess Owatonna.

The Minnesota State School for Dependent and Neglected Children was built in 1886. The school took in orphans from around the state and taught them "the value of drill, discipline and labor." In 1945, the orphanage was closed and the facility began to serve handicapped children. In 1974, the City purchased the compound for its office space. Renamed "West Hills," it continues to serve as the city's administration complex and home to many nonprofit civic organizations including the Owatonna Arts Center.

In 1995 the film Angus whose cast included Ariana Richards and James Van Der Beek was filmed on location in Owatonna, mostly at Owatonna Senior High School.  The film included scenes with its football team and marching band.

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This spoon was "devised by a forestry engineer" for fishing.