Minnesota Lures
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Mankato Township was not settled by European Americans until Parsons King Johnson in February 1852, as part of the nineteenth century migration of people from the east across the Midwest. New residents organized the city of Mankato on May 11, 1858.

A popular story says that the city was intended to have been named Mahkato, but a typographical error by a clerk established the name as Mankato.

It was also "the big town" that people from "Little House on the Prairie" series used to go to for shopping.

This frog harness appears to be from the late 1940s to early 1950s and is marked with “Ted’s Weedlesss Bass Hook” and a price of 75 cents each.

Minnesota Lures
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Perham is a city in Otter Tail County and can make a claim that very few…if any…communities in Minnesota can make.  Perham has more jobs in town than people in town.  This is because of several companies in town with recognizable names such as Barrel O’ Fun Snack Foods, Tuffy’s Pet Foods, Kenny’s Candy Co,  and Bongard’s Creameries to name a few. 

Perham is host to the annual event called “The Gathering”, which is described as the "world's largest fish decoy show."

Lillis Lure Co.

Herman Matz

Herman hand-made weedless bait holders.  To some they appear crude, but to me they are works of art and no two are alike.  

Many have the patent number hand painted on the side of the bait.  It was patented in 1954.