Minnesota Lures
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Virginia is a city on the Mesabi Iron Range. The area was originally named "qeechaquepagem" by the Ojibwe tribe, which roughly means "lake of the North birds". 

According to a water tower in the middle of town, the city's nickname is the "Queen City", or "Queen City of the North".

E. Jarvinen was a Finnish immigrant that settled in the northern MN town of Virginia.

Jonas Walden and Walden's 
Jonas Walden started with a spoon in a simple white box to selling the same lures with his son, William, in green boxes along with Airplane Jigs used primarily for ice fishing.
Arrowhead Lures
The "Kala" lure was made in Virginia, MN and eventually the manufacturing was moved to Iowa.
Edward Aysta
This spinner was pretty "spiffy".
(various makers)
Many companies and locals in Northeastern Minnesota made these airplane jigs primarily for fishing lake trout.  So many, I couldn't list them all.  Instead, I am posted a few examples here.

Makers were in Ely, Virginia, Duluth, and the surrounding area.