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Minnesota Lures
Patrick McGarry founded Walker in 1896 following the arrival of the railroad to the area. The settlement was strategically named after logging giant Thomas B. Walker, in hopes of luring construction of a sawmill. Thomas B. Walker instead chose to found and set up operations nearby in Akeley, Minnesota, because of his wife's moral objection to the bars and brothels in Walker. Walker nonetheless developed under the business of four other logging companies and a stimulated tourism industry.

In 1907, Walker became the home of Ah-Gwa-Ching, at first a residential facility for TB patients, then later a state nursing home.

L. M. Reed Bait Co
This company made spinners that would work for lots of game fish, but appear to have been targeted for Pike fishing...due to the names.
Kenco Plastics
So many companies made jigs like these in Minnesota in the past and now...that I could never list them all.  However, if I find some full cards like this one...I may list some.